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About Us

Bricksmen Group is a education company that provides education in Real Estate Investment, personal development and financial consultation.

Through our education and sharing, we empower people and inspire a greater dreams.

The Founders

Tony Yap, Co-Founder

Tony was previously an Applications Engineer with a well-known Electronics Multinational Company, turned into Property Investment Consultant in 2014.

Having personally trained numbers of young property investors in Malaysia. Over the last year, Tony has helped more than 50 young investors to start-up their Million Dollars Property Investment journey.

Caleb Chin, Co-Founder

Caleb was a mortgage banker in overseas bank during 2008 evolved to Full time investor all thanks to his environment of heavy weight business owners and investors.

Helping others in building their dream portfolio and successfully build million dollar nett worth for himself. Currently adding value to investors in Malaysia and recently Shanghai, Singapore & Philippines

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Articles & Posts

Why I Choose Property Investment?

What do you think when you hear the word “investment”?

Stocks? Bonds? Mutual Funds? How about Property? Let me tell you a little about why I (Tony Yap) got into Property Investment!


When is the Right Timing to Invest Property?

When is the RIGHT TIME to get a property?The timing depends on the Supply-Demand Cycle that we are in right now.


Are you a Gambler or Investor?

When is the RIGHT TIME to get a property?The timing depends on the Supply-Demand Cycle that we are in right now.


Events & Seminars

Millionaire Bricks Investor Blueprint

Duration: 2 Days
Course Outline: A 2-days workshop to learn about how to get started your Million Dollar property networth investment journey systematically. 

Bricks Investor Mastery

Duration: 2 Days
Course Outline: A 2 days program to learn about how to plan and execute to achieve financial freedom with property investment. 


I m happy to be here. after joining their class, i have clearer picture on what to invest and how to strategize my investment portfolio. Jason Mok

Marketing Executive

This is a mind blown event. It opens up my mind and explore to a new possiblity to unlock my million dollars investment journey. Ken Low

IT Manager

After reading their book BuyBricks.SellBricks, I started my property investment and now I have 5 properties on hand within a year. YC Chan


I never regret to be here. JJ Chiang

Real Estate Agent

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