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Yes, Property is a good vehicle towards Financial Freedom.

Thus many people invest in Properties. But, let’s take a close look, are you an Investor? Or….. A Gambler….? Gambling and investing are so totally different and yet they have similarities. What actually confuses people is the process as end results are almost the same. Place your money into something, sit around and watch things happen. Then you get your money back with profit (or not). Doesn’t this sound like the “investments” we make at the casino, 4D or Magnum? What if I were to tell you that buying property may be considered a form of gambling?

Yes, indeed. Don’t be shocked. These are the 3 Big Questions you should as to find out if you are an Investor or a Gambler!

On the other hand, true INVESTORS are people with a good fundamental knowledge of the property market, who know the upcoming surrounding developments, investment value, expected rental gain, expected capital gain and so on. INVESTORS take full control of their investments. They know exactly how to respond, regardless of whether the market is bullish or bearish.

What are the most important things you need to know before stepping into any kind of investment? Well, managing an investment is like running a business, so I will say you need Resources (Funding & Network), Knowledge, Skill and most importantly Vision.

Vision means being able to see what other people cannot see at present, in other words “foresee the future”. How? Simple. Study the PAST, understand the PRESENT and make a reasonable hypothesis on “WHAT’S NEXT?” (FUTURE).

So make up your mind. Do you want to be a GAMBLER or an INVESTOR? Choose wisely.

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